Project: BV Wine Coastal Estates Re-Brand & Holiday Campaign
Team Members: Nina Chan, Michael Palombo, Mehrnaz Zuie, Paolo Vilarroel, Vivian Zhang, Likhitha Nidadavolu

Founded in 1900, Beaulieu Vineyard (BV Wines) has been dedicated to enhancing conventional vineyard and winery practicesto craft bold, classic wines that stand out among the world’s finest bottles. Most BV products are available for sale at the Napa Valley BV Vineyard, however, some lines of products are available for retail at major grocers across the United States. An interesting historical fact about the organization is that BV Vineyard was the only Napa Valley winery to remain in business during prohibition because of their strong relationship with the Catholic Church.

The young professional wine and spirit market has not been a major priority for Vineyards in the past, however, BV Wines has the opportunity to become a trailblazer in marketing wines to young adults. The market is digitally-focused, educated, critical,and beginning to establish a loyalty to brands that are an essential part of the lifestyle they are working to achieve.

The main challenge with marketing this product is that conventional wine advertising has not traditionally been tailored to communicate with a young demographic. With most wine advertising being distributed in print and trade, our strategy is specifically tailored to the behavior of the target. In order to successfully reach our target, we will distribute key messaging across several relevant digital channels. With a long history of appealing to an older, affluent generation of wine drinkers, this campaign will tap into a market segment filled with potential brand loyalists: the next generation of affluent, sophisticated professionals.

BV Wines will distribute these products in high-end retail grocery stores across the United States, as well as have them available for sale by the glass and bottle at top-tier restaurants in major American cities (including New York, Chicago, San Francisco,Seattle, Houston, Los Angeles, Washington, Boston, etc.).There are currently no wine brands targeted specifically toward young, professional men and women. Modern technology and social advertising will tighten our grasp on our current market share, and extend our reach into a pool of potential brand loyalists coming up in the professional world. By doing so, we will be able to remold the BV name into a contemporary, high-end lifestyle brand.